Executive Committee

Chair: Victoria W. English
Ex-Officio: The Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward J. Konieczny
Past Chair: Guy L. Patton
Secretary: C. Miles Tolbert '82
Treasurer: Jenee Naifeh Lister '82
Head of School: Nathan L. Sheldon
Purpose and Procedures: The Executive Committee, except to the extent as it may be restriced from time to time by the vote of a majority of the entire board, may exercise all the powers and authority of the board in the management of the business and affairs of the corporation, whenever in the judgment of the Exectutive Committee it would be impractical for the entire board to meet in timely fashion required for a necessary action. The Executive Committee shall have no power or authority in reference to amending the Certificate of Incorporation, adopting an agreement of merger or consolidation, or taking or recommending any other action that is expressly required under the Oklahoma General Corporation Act to be submitted to the trustees for approval. All actions taken by the Executive Committee shall be reported to the board at its next meeting. In addition, the committee shall: assist the chairperson and Head of School as sounding board and counsel; review with the chair the policy agenda for the full board; develop the means for evaluations of and goal setting for Head of School; review and establish the Head of School compensation and benefit as well as review the compensation recommendations by the Head of school for major administrators of the School.

Admission/Marketing Committee

Chair: John Covington
Members: Katherine Buxton, Vicki English, Betty Jane Garrett, Lindsay Graham, Tony Jackson, Bishop Konieczny, Bond Payne, Nathan Sheldon, Linda Waters
Mission: The Committee ensures that Admissions Department and Communications Team goals and procedures are aligned with the strategy and mission of the School.

Audit Committee

Chair: Henry Hood
Members: Katherine Buxton, Vicki English, Bishop Konieczny, Jenee Lister, Nathan Sheldon, Shirley Small
Purpose and Procedures: The committee is responsible for overseeing and ensuring improvement of, and promoting adherence to the organization’s policies, procedures, and practices for corporate accountability, transparency, and integrity. The audit committee serves as an independent and objective party to monitor the School’s financial reporting process, internal controls, and to serve as the body who receives whistle blower notifications.

Development Committee and Volunteer Organization Team

Chair: Colin FitzSimons
Development Committee Members: John Covington, Ramsey Drake, Vicki English, David Harlow, Bishop Konieczny, Alice Pippin, Nathan Sheldon, Steve Shelley
Volunteer Organization Team Members: Chair Colin FitzSimons; Matthew Cloud; Vicki English; Jennifer Homsey; Katie James; Nathan Sheldon; Steve Shelley; Elizabeth or Brooks Richardson, Annual Fund Chairs; Craig Story, Cyclone Booster Club President; Denise Parsons, Casady Parents' Organization President; Porter Cunningham, Alumni Board President; Shana McHaffey, Casady Arts Alliance
Mission: The Development Committee shall, through advising and recommending, endeavor to align the overall Casady School development efforts with the mission and strategic plan of the School. As a part of doing so, the committee is specifically charged with assuring that the high level tactics of the Annual Fund, support organization fundraising, and, if active, capital/endowment campaign are (i) focused and successful at maintaining good relationships with the current donor base through appropriate stewardship, (ii) growing the donor base through the use of tactics appropriate and specified to multiple tiers of donors, and (iii) leveraging best practices for getting donors of all levels to consider increased giving.

Finance Committee

Chair: Jenee Lister
Members: Vicki English, Colin FitzSimons, Caroline Hendee, Henry Hood, Carey Joullian, Bishop Konieczny, Guy Patton, Marianne Rooney, Nathan Sheldon, Shirley Small
Mission: The committee is responsible for recommending financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the mission, values, and strategic goals of Casady School.

Governance Committee

Chair: Eric Fisher
Members: Vicki English, Bishop Konieczny, Marianne Rooney, Nathan Sheldon, Miles Tolbert
Mission: The committee is charged with identifying and vetting qualified candidates for Casady's Board of Trustees.

Plant Committee

Members: Mark Beffort, Jim Bonfiglio, Vicki English, David Gorham, Caroline Hendee, Kent Hoffman, Bishop Konieczny, Nathan Sheldon, Katie McClendon, Marisa Records, Miles Tolbert
Mission: The committee is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the capital structure of the School within the overall mission of the School.

Ad Hoc Committees

There are no Ad Hoc Committees of the Board at this time. An Ad Hoc Committee is formed or used for a special purpose for an immediate need or discussion. Past Ad Hoc Committees of the Casady Board of Trustees has included the Search for a New Head of School in 2014 and the Athletics Committee.
Casady School is an independent, co-educational, college preparatory, Episcopal day school serving students in pre-k-12. Educating Mind, Body, and Spirit.