End of Year Awards

Banquet Awards 2022

Boys' Banquet

Major School Awards
The Vanderbilt University Award: Colin Jones
The Thomas T. Tongue Scholarship: Jack Michael Barber
The Princeton Club of Oklahoma City Award: Eddy Kang
The Yale Club of Western Oklahoma Award: Jackson Chase
The Stephen J. Sokolosky Memorial Award: Jonah Craine
The “C” Club Award: Kyler Scoville 
The Dartmouth Cup: Tucker Jacobsen

Team Awards

Cross Country

Most Valuable Runner: Larry Mathis
Most Improved Runner: Consheng Zheng

Most Valuable Lineman: Bo Naifeh
Most Valuable Lineman: Tucker Jacobsen
Most Improved Lineman: Ethan Nedio
Most Valuable Back: Conner Richards
Most Improved Back: Cole Phillips
Fenimore Award: T.J. Murphy

Most Valuable Player: Kendall Landis
Most Valuable Player: Brock Barrett
Most Improved Player: Zac Dunn

Most Valuable Player: Zac Dunn
Most Improved Player: Jack Lee

Most Valuable Player: Alex Angeles
Most Improved Player: James Moncho
Mike Nickels Award: Jes Stanfield
Mike Nickels Award: Luis Lopez

Most Valuable Swimmer: Ayden Kerr
Most Improved Swimmer: Jack Naifeh

Most Valuable Wrestler: Lawson Jacks
Most Improved Wrestler: Alex Spiropoulos
Shaffer Award: James Coyle

Most Valuable Player: Tucker Jacobsen
Most Improved Player: Jack Barber
Highest Batting Average: Tucker Jacobsen

Most Valuable Player: Ian Wallis
Most Improved Player: Ayan Zubair

Most Valuable Player: Eric Tien
Most Improved Player: Milin Kumar

Track & Field
Most Valuable Player: Kyler Scoville
Most Improved Player: Larry Mathis

Special Awards
Glenn H. Sears Freshman Sports Award: Quincy Cole-Stevens, Ayden Kerr
Three Sport Letter Recipients: Quincy Cole-Stevens, James Coyle, Zac Dunn, Braden Gerard, Ashton Hale, Tucker Jacobsen, Ayden Kerr, Jack Morgan, Jack Naifeh, Ethan Nedio
Girls' Banquet

Major School Awards
The Ena Cochran Award: Julia Ungvari, Audrey Haynes, Ria Shah, Rebecca Zewdie, Abby Fakhoury
The Richard A. Marble Award: Eva Scheer
The Thomas T. Tongue Scholarship: Addison Starling
The Margaret Tuck Award: Sophia Stidham
The Frances Nagle Award: Lili Tran
The Margaret Lytle Griner Award: Grace Hua
The Roy C. Lytle and Joanne Lytle Award: Divya Chandrasekaran
The Smith College Trophy: Shanta Ramdas

Team Awards

Cross Country

Most Valuable Runner: Shanta Ramdas
Most Improved Runner: Julia Janknecht

Field Hockey
Most Valuable Player: Riley Dumigan
Most Improved Player: Aria Nanda

Most Valuable Player: Sydney Fleming
Most Improved Player: Alexa Bailey

Most Valuable Player: Modesti McConnell
Most Improved Player: Damian Zheng

Most Valuable Player: Riley Dumigan
Most Improved Player: Sarah Cate Bass

Most Valuable Swimmer: Maddy Lu
Most Improved Swimmer: Addison Sterling

Most Valuable Player: Caroline Garner
Most Valuable Player: Drue Love
Most Improved Player: Melanie Angeles

Most Valuable Player: Layne Bergner
Most Improved Player: Sophie Buthion

Most Valuable Player: Lili Tran
Most Improved Player: Emilia Mantilla-Ochoa
Bryant Memorial Award: Gabi Vuong

Track & Field
Most Valuable Player: Riley Dumigan
Most Valuable Player: Shanta Ramdas
Most Improved Player: Helen Olszewski

Special Awards
Freshman Sports Award: Helen Olszewski
Sophomore Sports Award: Caroline Naifeh
Three Sport Letter Recipients: Claire Anderson, Sarah Cate Bass, Sophie Buthion, Caroline Currie, Riley Dumigan, Avery Hart, Kate Johnson, Caroline Naifeh, Helen Olszewski, Kyra Patel, Shanta Ramdas, Lili Tran, Anna Ungvari, Sarah Walsh
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Casady School is a PreK-12, independent, college preparatory Episcopal day school committed to deeper-level learning. Casady School welcomes a student body that reflects the diversity of the world around us and therefore does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, nationality, or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletics, and other school-administered programs generally accorded or made available to students at the School.