Lower Division (1-4)

Lower Division | New Schedule

Lower Division | New Schedule 2021-22

Mrs. Shelly Fryer, Lower Division Faculty

With an extended learning block, students are able to plan, design, and code using a significant block of time. Many design thinking projects require students to observe, imagine possibilities, make and create, and improve on their original designs.
We are excited to announce the new Lower Division daily schedule for 2021-22! The changes in the schedule follow similar strategic changes we have made in both the Middle and Upper Division. The new schedule represents our attempt to “shoot for the moon” and create the kind of dynamic learning environment that promotes voyage, exploration, and discovery, all within the larger context of a shared commitment to our School’s mission!

Specifically, the new schedule will allow us to strategically prioritize adequate breaks and physical movement, student choice and interests, time for professional learning and faculty collaboration, opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, rotated instruction to catch students at their best, protected “Specials” for enrichment, and openers and closers to the day that emphasizes community and overall student wellness. 

Through our design process, our Lower Division faculty worked thoughtfully to answer the question, What does engaged learning look like? In response, our faculty are excited to provide students with engaged learning opportunities that will be fun, joyful, relevant, meaningful, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and curiosity-driven.

Sample Schedules

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  • First Grade Sample Schedule

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  • Second Grade Sample Schedule

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  • Third Grade Sample Schedule

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  • Fourth Grade Sample Schedule

    View Sample Schedule Here.

Distinctive Features

  • A “soft start” for Morning Meetings to give students meaningful time with their Homeroom teacher.
  • Long learning blocks for student-centered exploration, inquiry, and discovery.
  • “Specials” that offer opportunities for enrichment in art, music, Bible, computer, STEM/Makerspace, and Spanish.
  • “Flex” periods for interdisciplinary learning, entire grade level activities, and “peak moments”.
  • Daily physical activity and recess.
  • “Move” periods to offer “brain breaks” for outdoor walks, playground play, organized games, mindfulness activities, etc.
  • Rotated classes that do not meet at the same time daily. 
  • A “sacred end” for Chapel and community.


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This new schedule is the result of a two-year process that included extensive research; input from faculty and administration; and consultation with Independent School Management (ISM), a nationally renowned organization known for its expertise in schedule research and design.
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