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Introduction to the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association

The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association dates back to 1911 when educators met to establish rules for fair competition between schools.

OSSAA History

(Adapted from the OSSAA Website)
The association was formed during a meeting of the Oklahoma Education Association. The original intent was to help schools develop and administer interscholastic athletics and to oversee state high school athletics. 

The first statewide playoff that led to a state championship was boys' basketball in 1918 followed by a state championship for girls in 1919. A training program for football and basketball officials was conducted in the late 1920s, and "compulsory enrollment of officials, examinations, and rules meeting attendance were made requirements." Other administrative and oversight for athletics continued to grow.

During the early years, the association's focus was on "establishing eligibility rules and conducting state championships in basketball." The association's oversight grew to include all boys' sports that were offered in Oklahoma's high schools. Girls' sports were primarily girls' basketball in the smaller schools and tennis, golf, and swimming in the larger schools.

Originally formed as the Oklahoma High School Athletic Association, it was renamed the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA) in 1962, as the association and school membership steadily increased. The association evolved from primarily athletics to also incorporate school activities such as music (band, orchestra, choir), speech, debate, and drama (one-act play), academic bowl, cheerleading, and eSports.

The OSSAA is managed by a board of directors, made up of an athletic director, high school principals, and school district superintendents. It operates within the parameters of the OSSAA constitution. An executive director and staff are responsible for coordinating and regulating all activities that fall under the OSSAA.

Every major state association, like the OSSAA, is a member of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), which is the national organization that writes the rules of play for high school sports.

  • 482 public and private schools throughout Oklahoma ranging in size from 12 to 5,184 students.
  • OSSAA Boys Sports include Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Swimming, Wrestling, Tennis Track, Soccer, Golf, and Baseball.
  • OSSAA Girls Sports include Volleyball, Cross Country, Softball, Basketball, Swim, Tennis, Track, Soccer, Golf, Slow and Fast Pitch Softball, and Wrestling.
  • OSSAA offers Competitive Cheer and Game Day Cheer.
  • OSSAA offers State Competitions: Academic Bowl, Choir, Orchestra, Band, Debate.
  • Schools are organized and compete by their enrollment size for a State Championship for each classification generally from 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, or A.
  • Depending upon how many schools participate, classifications will vary by sport.
    • Football ranges from 6A to C
    • Swimming only has 6A and 5A
  • Private and public schools are classified according to their Average Daily Membership (ADM) for grade 9 through 12.
  • Private schools have the advantage of choosing their students; therefore if a private school performs well in a sport, they “play up” in that classification.  

In their words...

“Joining the OSSAA would return school spirit and Casady athletics to what it ONCE was in the SPC. I want my children to have the opportunity to compete without having the burden of excessive travel and to play against teams better suited to who Casady is TODAY and who want to compete against us as well!” -Casady Family

In their words...

“The OSSAA gives students the opportunities to compete locally, which means they get more press locally, and, it means that their families will be able to see them compete more often than in the SPC. It is far more equitable it seems to compete locally than regionally. In addition, the opportunities for community engagement in the OSSAA are very real, especially come playoff time. There is nothing like going to a state competition and seeing literally thousands of fans, including alumni, come out to support the team. The energy and excitement is contagious and creates a real love and pride for the school.” -UD Faculty
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