In the event that our campus has closed, for a short or extended period time, while School remains in session, students will continue to develop specific skills and review content knowledge through the use of e-learning assignments and hands-on learning activities. The modified LD virtual schedule is below. We will follow our current daily schedule with marking out lunch and planning as time teachers are not available for response to parents and students. Parent/Student/Teacher communication will be through Google Classroom, SeeSaw, or Google Hangout Meets. We are considering weekly Live Google Hangout Meets or Zoom sessions per grade level, these could possibly lead by admin.

Remote Learning 2.0
Thank you for being so supportive of our Remote Learning Plan 1.0. Your feedback has been very helpful in developing a 2.0 plan. This plan will provide more opportunities for “ touch points” throughout the day. It will also reduce the number of activities that are assigned each day. Fridays will serve as flex days for connection, catch-up, and physical movement. Based on the feedback we received, we have designed a more sustainable schedule with frequent synchronous opportunities for increased connection. We have also prioritized pacing, load management, and overall student engagement.

2.0 FAQs

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

Remote Learning Checklist

Following is a list of steps you and your family can take to prepare for Remote Learning:

  • Identify a space in your home where your child can participate in remote classroom activities and complete schoolwork.
  • Check your home internet service plan. Make sure that your home content filter is set to an appropriate filter level for your child. Classes that occur through Google Hangout Chat or Google Hangout Meet platform will require an internet connection that supports streaming. If your home does not have internet access and streaming capabilities because of financial hardship, please contact Jeff Bingham (, Chief Financial Officer.
  • If all of your children do not have a learning device (e.g. laptop, PC) that is compatible with Chrome, please contact the Technology Help Desk (
  • If any of your children need to check out a device for Remote Learning, please complete this form by clicking here.
  • Talk with your child about the importance of bringing home any essential materials each day.
  • Confirm that your charger works for your child’s learning device.
  • Connect with Student Support Services if needed. Our team of Learning Specialists, School Counselor, and Nurse can offer guidance if your child is feeling worried about the virus and associated news.

Frequently Asked Questions - LD

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: If my child has an emergency or is in crisis mode, whom do I contact?

    If your child or someone you know is suicidal, get help immediately via 911, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK, or the Crisis Text Line (text “HOME” to 741741).
  • Q: What will remote learning look like in the LD modified schedule?

    In the Lower Division, during remote learning, students will switch to a five-day, M-F schedule. We will follow our current daily schedule with marking out lunch and planning as time teachers are not available for response to parents and students. This will be teacher’s time to prep and post for the next day. In advance of each lesson, teachers will post instructions, links, and learning materials on SeeSaw (1st-3rd grade) or Google Classroom (4th) grade.

    Students will check in on Seesaw for morning meetings at 8:00 a.m. to go over important instructions and answer any questions. Students will be given a reflection question. Their answer to the question will be counted as their attendance for that day.

    Students will then have an extended morning block to work asynchronously on class work. Each grade level team will provide students with activities that accounts for 3-4 hours of learning per day. In 1st and 2nd there will be a Reading and Math Activity daily and SS/Science Activity 3 times per rotation. In 3rd and 4th there will be an activity in each content area daily. Spanish, Bible, Art, and Music will provide each grade with 1 activity each 5 day cycle.
  • Q: Where do LD students go to access course work?

    Students will check Google Classroom (4th grade) or SeeSaw (1st-3rd grade) for all class assignments, materials, and assessments. Teachers will let students know which platform to check for updated course work.
  • Q: What can LD students anticipate on a class day?

    1st-3rd grade students will check SeeSaw for daily class work. 4th grade students will check Google Classroom. Lesson details and links will be included. Students can expect to only receive assignments from scheduled classes according to the virtual schedule. In addition, students can expect teachers to be available during “Virtual Office Hours” to connect through a Google Hangout Chat session or a Google Hangout Meet Live session.
  • Q: How will teachers take Virtual Class roll at the beginning of Virtual Class?

    Teachers will communicate in advance to 3rd and 4th grade students only in advance of class how they will take roll: Google doc, Google form, Google Hangout Chat session, or Google Hangout Meet Live session.
  • Q: How will Virtual Class time work?

    Class time will be largely asynchronous with an aim for students to submit a work product in each class, even with project-based work. Synchronous learning (through Google Classroom or Google hangout) with the class/small group will be kept minimal (e.g. “check-in”, direction instruction, group discussions).
  • Q: How will teachers assess students in a remote learning environment?

    Teachers will work carefully and creatively to create assessments that set students up for success. Teachers are encouraged to employ flexible and creative assessments. Teachers will communicate proactively to students what is expected for each assessment, how students will be assessed, and where students are to submit their work.
  • Q: What do LD teachers expect from their students?

    Teachers expect that students/parents will check Seesaw (1st-3rd) and Google Classroom (4th) every day for updated class work. In addition, teachers will expect students check-in at designated times during “virtual class” for roll call, basic instructions, and student support.
  • Q: What is the dress code on Virtual School days?

    If a student is on video, they must be dressed according to our “Out of Uniform” guidelines.
  • Q: Where do parents go for tech support?

    If you need tech support, please email If the issue is a technology emergency, please directly call IT at 405-749-3170.
  • Q: How do parents connect with the Student Support Team?

    Mrs. Tai Shriner ( will be available during Virtual Office Hours and during the weekly schedule to meet/work with students and parents on the phone or Google Hangout Chat session or a Google Hangout Meet. Parents should email to ask questions or schedule a virtual appointment. 

    Dr. Jeri Baucum McKinney ( will be available to parents through Virtual Office hours and during the weekly schedule to meet/help students and parents on the phone or through Google Hangout Chat sessions or Google Hangout Meet. Parents should email to ask questions or schedule a virtual appointment.
  • Q: What happens in the event a faculty member is ill during Remote Learning?

    In the event a Lower Division teacher becomes too ill to provide instruction for her students, the grade level teachers are prepared to continue providing instruction and feedback to the students of the absent teacher. If it should become a long-term situation, we would have another Casady teacher, or a substitute teacher who is familiar with Casady, cover the teacher’s classes with guidance from the grade level team. LD specialty teachers are banking assignments so another Casady teacher can assume his/her responsibilities.
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