As we move from a short-term to a long-term remote learning plan, the feedback you provided in our Parent Survey was invaluable.

At the launch of our 2.0 schedule, we will be providing students with several opportunities to “check-in” with their classes beginning with a live Homeroom meeting at 10 a.m. Monday-Thursday. There will be several other opportunities to connect with other teachers as indicated in our updated schedule.

We will also begin providing optional access to IXL Math and Language Arts for our 5-Day PreK and K students. Registration details will be coming soon.

Our awesome Seesaw activities will continue but at a slower rate. We will also shift the posting time from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to give parents time to prepare activities.

Thank you for all you have done to facilitate your children’s learning and giving us feedback on how we can continue to support your family in this historic time.

2.0 FAQs

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Are any of the new additions required?

    No. We will continue to honor the unique situation of every family.  Some children need more to do right now, others need much less. Our goal is to add support, not stress. You know what your child can manage, and when they need to have down time.
  • Q: Why IXL?

    IXL is currently used in Lower Division.  This exposure will provide some familiarity.  Also, it is not a “one size fits all” solution.  Children will be able to work at their developmental level.
  • Q: What will the Synchronous Check-In’s look like?

    We will use Go To Meeting.  In the beginning, teachers will mute the student’s microphones and present in a “one-way” fashion.  The students will be able to see one another and their teacher. As children become more familiar with the routine, teachers will fold in more interactivity.
  • Q: Will my child be ready for next year?

    Yes, our teachers and administrators are working closely to make sure that we will “pick-up where we left off.”
  • Q: How do we access GoTo Classrooms?

    You will receive a link from your homeroom teacher.  It will be a static link that you can bookmark and return to for each check-in.
  • Q: How do we access IXL?

    You will receive an email  from your homeroom teacher with login instructions.

Remote Learning Checklist

Following is a list of steps you and your family can take to prepare for Remote Learning:

  • Identify a space in your home where your child can participate in remote classroom activities and complete schoolwork.
  • Check your home internet service plan. Make sure that your home content filter is set to an appropriate filter level for your child. Classes that occur through Google Hangout Chat or Google Hangout Meet platform will require an internet connection that supports streaming. If your home does not have internet access and streaming capabilities because of financial hardship, please contact Jeff Bingham (, Chief Financial Officer.
  • If all of your children do not have a learning device (e.g. laptop, PC) that is compatible with Chrome, please contact the Technology Help Desk (
  • If any of your children need to check out a device for Remote Learning, please complete this form by clicking here.
  • Talk with your child about the importance of bringing home any essential materials each day.
  • Confirm that your charger works for your child’s learning device.
  • Connect with Student Support Services if needed. Our team of Learning Specialists, School Counselor, and Nurse can offer guidance if your child is feeling worried about the virus and associated news.

Frequently Asked Questions - PD

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What will remote learning look like in the PD modified schedule?

    In the Primary Division, teachers will partner with parents by providing resources-- both teacher-created and curated from existing media, to facilitate at-home learning that meets the child’s developmental and academic needs. Parents can anticipate daily activities and suggested readings posted to Seesaw Classroom as directed by our Primary Division Remote Learning Schedule. Our teachers will provide ideas and support, to facilitate the level and frequency of instruction that suits your family’s needs and schedule. Our teachers will respond to questions and provide feedback through the comment section in Seesaw.
  • Q: What is the PD Virtual Daily Schedule?

    Parents will receive activities through Seesaw on a daily basis. Mirroring our daily rotation in the Primary Division, lesson content will follow a pattern and allow students the opportunity to “dive deep” in a particular area each day. Activities will be uploaded to Seesaw at 7:00 a.m. each day.
  • Q: What if we can't do it all / How much should we do?

    The needs and capabilities of our Primary Division students and families are unique. Remote Learning for PD students is dependent on parents’ and caregivers’ ability and availability to act as a proxy for the teacher. Our goal is to provide you with an abundance of quality and meaningful ideas to use as you are able. We will not grade work, or mark “incomplete”.
  • Q: Where do PD families go to access course work?

    All work will be posted to Seesaw Classroom. You will be provided a unique code prior to the beginning of Remote Learning. Many activities will require parent assistance to gather materials and set up. Others will require access to a tablet or connected device. Teachers will strive to balance the level of involvement required for activities.
  • Q: What can PD students anticipate on Virtual Class days?

    Our teachers will provide parents with a wide variety of activities and resources. Because PD students do not have independent access to technology, learning will have to be facilitated by the caregiver. Parents will be able to determine how much direct instruction is manageable for their situation. In addition to providing meaningful activities, our teachers want to remain connected to their students by sharing video messages.
  • Q: What can PD families expect from their teachers?

    Teachers will provide guidance and ideas for activities. Depending on the grade level, families can expect to see 1-7 new activities in their See Saw feed each school day. Teachers will share video messages with their class, and provide a list of recommended readings once every four-day instruction cycle.

    Parents and caregivers can expect teachers to respond to questions and comments made in the Seesaw environment.
  • Q: What do PD teachers expect from their students?

    PD teachers understand that the needs and situation of each family will vary greatly. Our goal is to provide a bounty of meaningful learning opportunities for our families. Parents and caregivers will be given the flexibility to take advantage of as many or as few opportunities as they choose. Students will not be penalized for not engaging in work.
  • Q: What is the dress code on Virtual School days?

    If a teacher or student is on video, the teacher and student will wear regular out of uniform school dress.
  • Q: Where do parents go for tech support?

    If a parent has a technology emergency, please directly call IT at 405-749-3170. If you have an IT support request, email
  • Q: How do parents connect with the Learning Specialist?

    Dr. Jeri Baucum-McKinney ( will be available to parents through Virtual Office hours and during the weekly schedule to meet/help parents on the phone or through Google Hangout Chat sessions or a Google Hangout Meet Live sessions. Parents should email to ask questions or schedule a virtual appointment.
  • Q: What happens in the event a faculty member is ill during Remote Learning?

    In the event a Primary Division teacher becomes too ill to provide instruction for her students, the grade level teachers are prepared to continue providing instruction and feedback to the students of the absent teacher. If it should become a long-term situation, we would have another Casady teacher, or a substitute teacher who is familiar with Casady, cover the teacher’s classes with guidance from the grade level team. PD specialty teachers are banking assignments so another Casady teacher can assume his/her responsibilities.
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