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Learn more about the new faculty who have joined Casady: New Faculty and Staff in 2015-16

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Opening Chapel on the First Day of 2015-16 School Year

Opening Chapel_Students 2015This morning, like last year, we gathered our Casady students in first through 12th grades for a special Chapel service to open our first day of school. We revisited the discussion of the Latin phrase, Fideliter et Fortiter, which is on the banner of the Casady crest and that those words mean faithfully and bravely. Head of School Nathan Sheldon discussed with the children that the shoulders of those who came before us are the foundation on which we continue to build this great School.

He would like to encourage you to visit more with your children about what they can expect from our faculty and in return what will be expected of them and how we will continue to build on the strong legacy that is Casady School. For that, we should be proud of who we are and what we represent.

Chapel began with the blessing and prayers from Fr. Charles Blizzard, followed by Mr. Sheldon's Chapel talk, and closed with the Casady Hymn. Please take a few minutes to read Mr. Sheldon's Chapel talk so that you can understand our focus and how best to continue talking with your children:

Good morning everyone and welcome back!

I hope everyone had a great summer filled with lots of play time, friend time, family time, alone time, and all other forms of rest and relaxation that makes you ready for another great year at Casady.

Last year, as we gathered for our first ever all school chapel, I can recall the sense of excitement and nervousness I felt as I stood before you and talked about the meaning of our Crest and the Latin words Fideliter et Fortiter. As many of you know, the Latin phrase on our banner just under the Casady Crest means faithfully and bravely.

So, I have now been your Head of School for about a year, and I have come to realize something: the shoulders of the faculty and students who have gone to Casady before us are really, really big. You see, these giants, who are now Emeriti and Alumni, built this great School. Teachers came here to teach when Britton and Penn were dirt roads out in the country. Students came here to learn when Casady School was a “never-heard-of-it-School” for colleges and universities. We want to make sure we have the faith in God, in ourselves, and in each other to continue to build on this legacy. And we want to make sure we have the courage to improve ourselves as individuals and to improve the School, to build on this legacy.

You come to Casady through loyalty and with faith that we will give you something of value. Specifically, a great education that you can take with you and use for the rest of your lives. This is a humbling and awesome responsibility that each and every one of your teachers takes very seriously. They have dedicated their lives to this responsibility.

Today, I want to talk with you about expectations. What you and I can expect from your teachers here at Casady, and as I do, it will be clear that I also want to talk about what your teachers will be expecting from you.

Academic Preparation

First, you can expect your teachers to be prepared and knowledgeable. When you combine all their years of experience in Music, PE, Computer, Bible, History, Languages, English, Math, and Sciences all together, you get more than 1,600 years! Which averages out to around 15 years per teacher. Your teachers know and understand where your learning will get difficult, and they are ready and willing to guide you through each of these difficult times. So, for your own sake and out of respect for what they represent, honor them with your careful attention and give them your best effort.

When you give your teachers your best effort, they will be better able to get you ready for the next academic challenge. Your teachers know, that if you put in the hard work and effort, you can accomplish almost anything you set your sights on, and they are ready to help you reach your goals.

Breadth of Education

Second, you can expect your teachers to be concerned about more than just the subject matter they teach to you. They will support you in your extra-curricular activities, from clubs to performing arts and athletics. They know and understand that these activities are all very important in your development as a whole child. However, your teachers can’t support you in a sport or activity if you don’t take the risks and try them, so go on… participate! Get involved in extra-curricular activities. Your teachers want to support you. And, if you want to know a secret: Don’t ask your teachers, “Are you coming to my game, or to my concert, or to my recital;” tell your teachers that it would mean a lot if they could be there. If they can be there, they will be there.

Challenge for Excellence and Honesty

Third, you can expect your teachers to be concerned that you provide your best effort in everything you do: your classwork, your homework, your sportsmanship, and your social life. Your teachers believe that you can and will be successful in whatever you pursue. When your teachers reward average performance with a really high grade, they are not being honest with you. You see, assessments are ways for you to measure growth, and, when a teacher is not honest with you, you get a false sense of what you really know. This is also true for you. If, when you are doing your homework, taking a quiz, or a test and you look at someone else’s work, you are not being honest with yourself, and you are giving your teacher a false sense of what you know and understand. If you sit in a teacher’s class and look like you understand something when you don’t have a clue what’s going on, or when you don’t ask questions when you have them, you give your teacher a false sense of what you know and understand.

Lead by Example

Fourth, you can expect your teachers and administrators to be role models that you can look up to and follow. They care about you and about your personal conduct and behavior. They will abide by the Casady standard and dress code and will help you to do so as well. There will be times that you may slip and slide a bit and need some discipline to bring you back to the person you are working to become. When or if this happens, you can expect your teachers and administrators to correct you out of love, care, and concern. I don’t expect teachers to be perfect, and I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I do expect everyone on this campus to work towards perfect effort.  

Kindness and Love

Fifth and finally, Casady teachers and administrators will be kind, caring, and loving. Your teachers promise to be there when you need them. If you fall down on the playground, your teachers are there to pick you up. If you are having a bad day, your teacher will be there just to listen. If you need help standing up to peer pressure that you know is not good, they promise to be there to help you say “no.” If you need extra help, your teachers will find a way to give you extra help as long as you are willing to work towards understanding the skills that are being taught. Your teachers will find for each of you the amount of challenge and the right amount of help, but you have to help them find that balance.

You see, your teachers are pretty awesome, and they do some pretty awesome things to get you ready for your next step: whether that next step is college for you seniors or second grade for you first graders and everything else in between. They are excited and ready for your return, and I hope you are excited and ready to stretch and grow in new and exciting ways.

Remember always, you are Casady, and, in everything you do, you will either add to or take away from her name. So let’s have a great year, remembering who we are and what we represent both when we are at School and when we are out of School. Let’s grow, learn, and behave together in such a way that future generations will be proud to stand on our shoulders.  

These expectations are not only for our children but for our faculty, staff, board members, alumni, and parents as well. Once we join the Casady Community we are forever connected to this School. Our Community, which dates back to our founding year in 1947, is large and stands the test of time because of the shoulders and foundation on which this School has been built. We will always be part of the Casady Community and as a result we must always remember who we are and what we represent.

See the video of the students singing: Casady Hymn on YouTube

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Casady School Faculty and Staff at Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Casady Faculty and Staff Fill BoxesCasady School traditionally hosts its 140 faculty and staff for a weeklong orientation prior to the students returning to campus. Orientation week opens with a Chapel service on Monday followed by a full faculty and staff gathering, lunch throughout the week, division meetings and an in-service day. This year Casady’s faculty and staff visited the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and packed 19,522 pounds of food, which is the equivalent of 16,269 meals.

"Casady's mission is to develop excellence, confidence, and integrity in students and prepare them with the skills and knowledge that serve as the foundation for success," said Nathan Sheldon, Casady's Head of School. "We, as the faculty and staff, want to set an example for our students and show them that we too live our mission to the fullest."

Casady’s team wore t-shirts that stated “Casady School Cares” and worked side by side at three stations to finish 194 cases of carrots, 407 cases of fresh bread, and 462 cases for the Food Bank’s Food for Kids, which will fill 2,772 backpacks with food for school children.

"We believe strongly in our community and city, and when you realize one in six people are hungry in our community this felt like the right place for us to spend our time volunteering for such a wonderful organization as the Food Bank," Mr. Sheldon said. “This year we also participated in a Hunger Simulation. It was very eye opening for all of our faculty to see how difficult it is to live with the frustration of hunger.”

Students return to campus for the 2015-16 school year on Monday with two days of orientation and registration. Lower, Middle, and Upper Divisions begin classes on Aug. 26, while the younger students in Primary Division begin school on Aug. 27.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 8:27:00 AM

School Awards Presented at Banquets, Upper Division Assembly, and Graduation

Casady School hosted several events to honor its Upper Division students. Boys' and Girls' Banquets were held as well as an Upper Division Awards Assembly in addition to Graduation Exercises. The Chapel Court with the lake as a backdrop is a special venue for our traditional graduation services.

Lower and Middle Divisions held special services in the Chapel of St. Edward the Confessor to celebrate each of the students and to give special recognition to fourth and eighth graders who will advance to new divisions in the fall.

Casady's Class of 2015 has 70 seniors who will matriculate to 44 different colleges and universities in the United States in the fall with 74.2 percent matriculating out of state. Moreover, Casady's seniors were offered nearly $5 million in academic and athletic scholarship monies. Upper Division students earned a multitude of awards at each of the events celebrating the end of the year.

School Awards Presented at Awards Assembly and Graduation:

Phi Beta Kappa Award: Connor James Halleck-Dubé

Summa Cum Laude Award: Sydney Marie Gibson

Ian Rennert Memorial Award: Sydney Marie Gibson

James R. Harris Award: Celeste Oliviett Cotton

Trustees’ Award: Jessica Ashley Greene

Headmaster’s Award: Thomas Gregory Fleming

Casady Award: Yogaish Neerunjun Khastgir

Robert Woolsey Scholar Award: Connor Hieu Goya Raikar

William Walker Fine Arts Award: John Breckinridge Robertson

The Reverend Samuel L. Botkin Award: Anna Mann

The Reverend Samuel L. Botkin Award: Gabrielle Marie Jones

Judge Clarence M. Mills Scholar Award: Yogaish Neerunjun Khastgir

Catriona M. Mitchell Mathematics Award: Kushagra Tiwary

Patrick S. Nagle Poetry Award, Given in Memory of Patrick S. Nagle, Class of 1957: Sydney Marie Gibson

Sara Stanley Gordon Edwards Award: Mary Elizabeth Puls

Chilton Powell Award: Thomas Gregory Fleming

Harvard Prize: John Carpenter Zuk

Harvard Prize: Lily Suzannah Hahn

Archibald Cason Edwards Sr. Award: Jack Alden Ryan

Brown University Associated Alumni Award: John Carpenter Zuk

School Awards Presented at Boys' Banquet on May 15:

Dartmouth Cup: James Finley Bennett

“C” Club Award: Donald Butler Albers and Camilo Haller

Alumni Award: Connor James Halleck-Dube and Emory John Hood

Yale Club of Western Oklahoma Award: William James Harlow

Princeton Club of Oklahoma City Award: Jack Alden Ryan

Vanderbilt University Award: Shubham Gulati

Stephen J. Sokolosky Memorial Award: Yogaish Neerunjun Khastgir

Thomas T. Tongue Scholarship: Jackson Davis

Karen Knutson Award (Faculty): Jay Gallegly ’02

School Awards Presented at Girls' Banquet on May 16

Ena Cochran Award: (9) Gabrielle Rose Lee, (10) Catherine Mae Zesiger, (11) Aubrey Jean Hermen, (12) Taylor Grace Burrow, and (12) Emily Anne Fogg

Smith College Trophy: Ellen Meyer Payne

Alumni Award: Claire Virginia Hendee

Roy C. Lytle and Joanne Lytle Award: Emily Anne Fogg

Margaret Lytle Griner Prize: Tek Kreidler

Frances Nagle Award: Anna Mann

Margaret Tuck Award: Kiki Danielle Greene

Richard A. Marble Award: Angela Nicole Jarjoura

Thomas T. Tongue Scholarship Award: Mallory Louise Woodruff

Gale of the Year: Gabrielle Rose Lee

Oklahoma City Community Foundation Scholars Award: Jessica Ashley Greene

Monday, June 08, 2015 11:20:00 AM

Casady's Science Olympiad Teams Represent Oklahoma in National Competition

Casady School’s Science Olympiad Teams represented the state of Oklahoma in national competition May 14-17 at the National Science Olympiad Tournament held at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Casady's team of Nicolas Moore and Michael Ting placed eighth in the SUMO BOTS trial event, and Jackson Davis tied for eighth place in the B Division Science Bowl trial event. Casady's Division B team earned 47th and Casady C earned 53rd of the 66 teams in each division.

Casady Science Olympiad Coach and faculty member Aric Sappington was one of two middle school and two high school coaches selected from a pool of eligible applicants to receive an expenses-paid trip to the Science Olympiad Summer Institute in Phoenix, Ariz., this summer at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. The prize is valued at $2,000 eachi including registration, hotel, workshops and meals along with a travel voucher included. Mr. Sappington’s award is sponsored by Lockheed Martin.

The Science Olympiad National Tournament is the pinnacle of achievement for 120 of the country's best Science Olympiad teams, representing more than 2,000 students. In March, Casady's Division B team was named state champion for the fourth year in a row; its fourth year to compete. Casady's Division C team is in its second year of competition and roared to a first place finish this year after a second place finish in 2014. Division B includes seventh, eighth, and a limited number of ninth graders, while Division C includes ninth, tenth, eleventh, and a limited number of twelfth graders.

The National Science Olympiad is one of the nation’s most prestigious science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) competitions. Science Olympiad brings together 120 winning middle school and high school teams advancing from state-level competitions this spring. Rigorous hands-on, building and lab events led by experts from government agencies, top universities and Science Olympiad state chapters cover topics in physics, epidemiology, astronomy, chemistry, meteorology and engineering

Friday, May 22, 2015 8:13:00 AM

Casady Parents' Organization Presents Check to the School

The Casady Parents' Organization held its annual end of year meeting on Thursday as the baton was passed from the 2014-15 board to the 2015-16 CPO board. Current president Susan Eckman presented a check to Head of School Nathan Sheldon as the CPO's gift to Casady this year.

"The CPO has given more than $3 million back to Casady through its fundraising," said Mr. Sheldon. "Because of these amazing gifts the CPO has given through the years, the CPO is one of the top 10 donors in the lifetime of the School."

Money raised through CPO events and activities provides vital resources and raises funds for Casady School Division wish lists, scholarships, libraries, programs such as Freedom from Chemical Dependency, and more. In prior years, the CPO Casady Auction has been attended by parents, faculty, and alumni and supported by community, corporate, and individual Casady family donors. In much the same fashion, but with a decided twist, CPO staged a uniquely interactive derby-themed horse race this year for a very successful inaugural Derby Days, held in April.

In November, the always popular and fun Faculty Studies Dinner will return. Faculty and parents gather for an evening together for an event that has a new but specific theme. If you would like more information about the Casady Parents' Organization, or to view the slate of officers for 2015-16, please visit the CPO website at:

Thursday, May 14, 2015 3:04:00 PM

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