Student Support Services

Academic Support

Student Support Services seeks to meet the individual learning needs of students within the framework of Casady School curricular requirements. Each division at Casady has a Learning Specialist that works closely with students, faculty, parents and administrators to provide support for students with various mild learning differences. Students with a diagnosed learning difference may receive individualized accommodations based on need. Accommodations provided at Casady do not change our mission, programs, policies or staffing.

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  • Learning Profile (LP)

    Students with a diagnosed learning difference are supported through Casady’s Learning Profile (LP). Some students with a diagnosed psychological disorder such as anxiety can also be eligible for a LP. 

    The Learning Profile (LP) is an annual reflection of the student's:
    • Learning difference or mental health diagnosis
    • Academic strengths & functional limitations
    • Academic performance
    • Accommodations needed
    • Outside community supports and services (where applicable)
  • Documentation Guidelines

    To qualify for a LP and accommodations, a student must have the following on file at school:
    • A current* evaluation that is consistent with the ACT Disability Guidelines and the College Board Disability Guidelines
    • Documentation of a diagnosis provided by a qualified professional
    • Description of how the diagnosis impacts learning and/or school functioning
    • Recommendations for accommodations as supported by the psychological evaluation
    *In accordance with guidelines from College Board, ACT, and other professional best practices, an evaluation must be updated every 3 years.
  • Accommodations

    Accommodations are determined by the results of the diagnostic report and based on the individual needs of the student.

    The purpose of accommodations is to promote equal access for a student with a disability. While accommodations are meant to provide support and facilitate learning, they do not guarantee success.

    The most common accommodations include in ALL divisions:
    • Extended time (time and a half) on tests, quizzes, in class timed assignments and standardized tests
    • Testing in a separate location or small group setting
    • Increased academic monitoring by the Learning Specialist
    • Support with organization, study skills, test preparation
    • Preferred seating in the classroom
    Additional accommodations provided only in Lower Division:
    • Short-term individual or small group remediation in the area of concern
  • Standardized Testing

    Students who qualify for accommodations at Casady are eligible to apply for accommodations on standardized testing. Final approval of accommodations allowed on standardized testing is determined by either College Board or ACT.

Counseling Support

Casady School seeks to engage and empower each student in a wide variety of academic and social experiences. The School Counselors at Casady are available to help each student navigate the developmental changes that occur throughout a student’s academic career. Casady’s Counselors provide support and advocate for students, parents, faculty, and staff; foster emotional, social, and academic well-being; and promote wellness through active listening, problem-solving, education, and referrals. The counselors are a resource for staff on issues of behavior, emotions, and mental health.

Each of our four divisions provides developmentally-appropriate counseling services by a Professional School Counselor. Counselors meet regularly with faculty and staff to stay informed and provide information and assistance as needed. Students may be referred by teachers, parents, or self.

Services Provided

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  • Short-term counseling and crisis intervention for individual students

  • Advocacy for students and families

  • Referrals to outside resources

  • Confidential coordination between outside resources and the school

  • Group support and guidance

  • Wellness programming and education

  • Guidance and consultation with parents, faculty, and staff regarding issues of behavior, emotions, and mental health

Samantha Kobs, M.Ed., MHR, LPC
Director of Student Support Services
Misty Reed, M.Ed.
Middle Division Counselor
Candice Bailey, M.Ed., LPC
Upper Division Counselor
(405) 749-3189
Mary Oden
Middle Division Learning Specialist
Aimee Hanneman, M.Ed., CALT-QR
Lower Division Reading Specialist
Marla Linton, M.Ed.
Lead Learning Specialist and Upper Division Learning Specialist
Tai Shriner, M.Ed
Lower Division Learning Specialist
Zenie McEwen, M.Ed., B.S.
Primary Division Reading Specialist
Emily Morris
Primary and Lower Division Counselor
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