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Athletic Hall of Fame

Casady's Celebration of Alumni

The purpose of the Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor outstanding Cyclones who have not only brought recognition to Casady, but established in the hearts and minds of our youth a motivating influence to excel, foster pride, preserve good sportsmanship, scholarship, and citizenship in the greater Casady Community, and to deepen alumni relationships. 
Casady’s Homecoming has traditionally celebrated Alumni Awards for: Distinguished Graduate, Alumni Achievement, and Young Alumni Achievement as well as Class Reunions. As Homecoming grows to honor Cyclone athletes, coaches, teams, and contributors, we look forward to celebrating Cyclone Athletics and the impact it has on the spirit of the School. We are excited not only to thank and recognize those who have inspired us, but to also give current students and families another lasting blueprint for success.

There are four categories in which an individual or group may be selected for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame. Those under consideration must meet the criteria of their related category in order to be considered for induction to the Athletic Hall of Fame. Those categories, and their criteria, are as follows:

Athletic Hall of Fame Nominations

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  • Athletes

    • Must have performed with excellence (AC, All City, All State, etc…) and lettered in one or multiple (preferred) sports at Casady School.
    • Must be a Casady graduate and have been out of school for at least five years.
    • Must be, or have been, a credit to their community and Casady School.
    • May either be living or deceased.
    • If selected and living, individuals must make every effort to attend the induction ceremony.
  • Coaches

    • Must have distinguished themselves at Casady while demonstrating exceptional leadership, character, athletic achievement, and a commitment to the School's mission.
    • Must have retired from teaching, or if still teaching, retired from coaching for at least five years.
    • May either be living or deceased.
    • If selected and living, individuals must make every effort to attend the induction ceremony.
  • Contributors

    • A person who has been a loyal and devoted supporter of Casady Athletics.
    • May be either living or deceased.
    • If selected and living, individuals must make every effort to attend the induction ceremony.
  • Varsity Team

    • Must have performed with excellence and sportsmanship.
    • Must have performed at least five years ago.
    • If selected and living, individuals must make every effort to attend the induction ceremony.
    • 1992-93 Golf Team


List of 4 items.

  • 2023 Induction Class

    Blake Arnold '73
    Debbie O'Toole Cox '73
    Leigh McCoy Kollaer '07

    Judy Warren

    Bill London '67
    1972-73 FOOTBALL
    Coach Glenn Sears - Deceased
    Coach John Gavula - Deceased
    Blake Arnold '73
    Bill Aven '73
    Rex Bell '73
    Ray Cloer Jr. '73
    Hunt Lowry '73
    Ed Maxwell Sr. '73
    Reynolds Patterson '73
    Jim Robertson '73
    Steve Shelley '73
    Curt Boecking '74
    Jerry Dugan '74
    Wes Lane II '74
    Steve Maril '74
    Jay Shaffer '74
    Skeet Wootten '74
    Wayne Barbour '75
    Jerry Coles '75
    Chuck Covington '75
    Eddie Gaylord II '75
    Kent Ghahremani '75
    Lou Larragoite '75
    Don Lindauer II '75
    Rex Linn '75
    Charlie Nye '75
    David Roach '75
    Randy Schultz '75 - Deceased
    Robert Tomlinson '75
    Jeffrey York '75 - Deceased
    Jonathan Colbert '76
    1992-93 GOLF - BOYS
    Coach Virgil Grantham
    Bill Bishop ’93
    Trent Hancock ’93
    Michael Love ’93
    Trey Homsey ’94
    Darrin Heusel ’95
    Chad Homsey ’96
  • 2022 Induction Class

    Barney Stewart '56
    John Walker '66
    Laura Shelley Furnish '97
    Mary-Cathryn Harris Payne '03
    Isaiah Levingston '17

    David Gorham

    Randy Fresonke
    1982-83 BASKETBALL - BOYS
    Kermit Alexander '83
    Ralph Cubbler '83
    Mike Ellis '83
    Tim Grantham '83
    Mike LaCour '83
    William Allison '84
    Scott Cubbler '84
    Greg Gray '84
    Tom Jordan '84
    Jeff Pilate '84
    Tim Duncan '85
    Dr. Jack Nitschke '85
    Shawn Thomas '85
    Kevin Jackson '86
    Coach Virgil Grantham
    Coach Steve Shelley
    2002-03 BASKETBALL - GIRLS
    Elaine Reneau Anderson '03
    Mary Lynn Fryer '03
    Kate Brumbaugh Newman '03
    Mary-Cathryn Harris Payne '03
    Meagan Samis '03
    Maggie Miller Bernitsky '04
    Paige Warner Branam '04
    Bailey Schnebel Coleman '04
    Jess Linn Collins '04
    Becca Bodenhamer English '04
    Simone Taylor Anderson '05
    Amy Brown Bay '05
    Pam Stubbs Davis '05
    Aquila "Q" Williams Scott '05
    Dr. Jolie Britt '05
    Katherine Rainbolt '05
    Coach Judy Warren
    Coach Mendy Scoville
  • 2021 Induction Class

    Thomas Lance Rentzel '61
    Gary Brown '65
    James "Jim" Robertson '73
    Bridgit Finley '82
    Kermit Alexander '83
    Mike Ellis '83
    Aimee Zedlitz '88
    Emily Pomeroy '95
    Drew Hoffman '97
    Jolie Britt '05

    Susan Erickson '70
    Steve Surbeck

    Tom Ziebell
    Suzanne Anthony '99
    Teryl Parker Glavchovski '99
    Leslie Kearns '99
    Kristin Wasemiller Knutson '99
    Meg Weir Payne '99
    Rosemary Walker '99
    Margo Reneau Ward '99
    Cenna Wilkerson '99
    Elizabeth Samara Haggard '00
    Jennifer Farha Homsey '00
    Mary Alexander Hyde '00
    Emily Huffman Kelly '00
    Marion Garrett Parke '00
    Megan Parker '00
    Katie B. Anthony Gooch '01
    Jamie Harrington '01
    Michelle Llan de Rosos Briggs '01
    Stephanie Cole Zito '01
    Amy Williams Hinton '02
    Patterson Sims Rooney '02
    Rachel Cody Vannatta '02
    Kenneth Binder '57
    William Bonney '57
    John Bozalis '57
    T. Edward Bynum '57
    John Coates '57
    Markham Connolly '57
    Terry Dunlap, Sr. '57
    Stephen "Butch" Hudkins '57
    Robert Messenbaugh '57
    Donald "Pat" O'Donoghue '57
    Nelson "Mac" Owen '57
    Ralph "Layton" Runkle '57
    Robert Thach '57
    Benjamin Turner '57
    A. Max Weitzenhoffer '57
    Frank Bolen '58
    Laurence Brown '58
    Jonathan Burch '58
    Wayne "Alan" Davis '58
    Alfred "Dodge" Hill '58
    Charles "Eddie" Leonard '58
    John Montgomery '58
    Charles "Chuck" Morrison '58
    Gordon Rainey '58
    Fenton Sanger '58
    William Swinford '58
    Roy Williams '58
    Ronal Bonebrake '59
    Hughes Coston '59
    J. Steven Toland '59
  • 2019 Induction Class

    Andrea L. Fraley '92
    Meredith Geiger-Walton '90
    David Flesher M.D. '77
    Paul J. Head '72
    Mike Jones III '94
    Bert Messenbaugh '57
    Stephen M. Murphy '90
    Daniel P. O'Toole '69
    Camille Parrish '72
    Layton Runkle '57
    Meagan Samis '03
    Roy Williams '58

    Dorotha Edwards
    Arthur "Hoot" Gibson (dec.)
    Virgil Grantham
    Glenn Sears (dec.)

    Clay Bennett '78
    David Flesher M.D. '77 
    E. Carey Joullian '78
    David Holden M.D. '71

    This team was instrumental in Casady School winning six consecutive SPC Championships.
    Maressa Fraley Anderson '91
    Michele Rogers Canode '90
    Virginia Fishburne Casey '91
    Julie Barnes Cruz '90
    Jennifer Eagleston '91
    Andrea L. Fraley M.D. '90
    Meredith Geiger-Walton '90
    Dominique Homsey Gross '92
    Bridget Mikysa Lauro '92
    Kristin Stewart Lesher '90
    Jeree Bernhardt Lukehart '91
    Diane Hartmann Scheurer '90
    Sarah Yoakam M.D. '91
    This team finished the season with a record of 16-5, a Class B Norman Championship, and an SPC Championship.
    Paul Brown DDS '61 (dec.)
    Randolph Deal Ph.D. '62
    Steve L. Kline '61
    Dale E. Mitchell '61
    Thomas A. Rucker '61
    Doyle C. Tunnell '61
    William O. West '59
    Thomas "Lance" Retzel '61

2022 Induction - Audio

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