Futures Day for Casady Cyclones

Now for its third year, Casady will host "Futures Day" on Friday, Feb. 1, when fourth through eighth grade students will experience a day in the next grade to learn more about what they will be doing in the 2019-20 school year.
Traditionally, Casady's eighth grade students have been treated to a day in the Upper Division where they spend time visiting classes, meeting Upper Division administration and faculty, and receiving information about what it is like to be an Upper Division student. Beginning this process early helps the students to learn about expectations and next steps while they begin to think about the next school year.

Fourth graders have been invited to fifth grade classes and lunch in the Middle Division. Fifth graders will enjoy the sixth grade experience; sixth graders will spend a day with the seventh grade faculty in their classrooms; while seventh graders spend a day in the eighth grade. Eighth graders, along with students from Westminster School, will have a special day in Upper Division visiting classes and having lunch in Calvert with the older students.

This is an ideal time for our students to begin thinking about the transition from one grade to the next, or even one division to the next, and experience the traditions and norms for these next steps as members of our Casady Community, as the School also begins preparation for the 2019-20 school year.
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