Family Style Dining

As the students settle into their routines during these first weeks of school, they are also finding their lunch tables and becoming reacquainted with the benefits of the School's lunch program.
Sage Dining serves Lower, Middle, and Upper Division students lunch daily in our traditional family style dining.

For Middle and Upper Division family style dining, students sit together at assigned tables along with a faculty member. Table assignments change every two weeks, giving students an opportunity to dine with and get to know their classmates and faculty members. Each day, one student is assigned as a waiter, who goes to the kitchen and brings lunch to the table for the group. An additional student is assigned as second waiter, who is responsible for table clean-up at the end of the meal. These assignments rotate so that each student serves as both waiters during the two-week period.

Family style dining is a simple yet key ingredient to Casady’s dining program and the School’s mission:
  • Builds a sense of community by having students eat together in groups.
  • Builds a culture of kindness by having children sit with new students on a rotation basis throughout the year, allowing our children to learn about and respect each other’s similarities and differences.
  • Allows children to build communications skills through interaction with new students and faculty every few weeks.
  • Creates a culture of service to one another through the First Waiter and Second Waiter program.
  • Provides an opportunity for children to further develop table manners.
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