Weekly Path Forward Update: Building Our Plan

Dear Casady Community,
I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th of July!
Today I write with excitement as we are putting the finishing touches on our return to school plans. I know that not not every question will be answered, but I am confident you will find a thoughtful and “good for kids” plan that follows our Guiding Principles of Relationships, Safety, and Flexibility. On July 14, we will roll out our campus wide plans, and then on July 15 we will roll out specific communications from the Division Directors about each division. Both should go a long way to answering your questions. In addition, we will host divisional town hall meetings the evenings of July 27 for Primary and Lower Divisions and July 28 for Middle and Upper Divisions to give you a chance to hear and ask questions.
Since your children have been out of school, our team has worked non-stop to craft a plan that balances the need to be in relationship with each other and doing so safely. Countless hours have gone into best practice research, discussions with health experts, and planning for schedules that can easily transition to remote learning should that be necessary. This has truly been a group effort, from administrators to department chairs. All have sacrificially given of their time during the summer to make sure we craft a plan that fits our culture, values relationships, and prioritizes safety.
One item you will find in our roll out is our four-tiered color code system that has been designed to help us quickly recognize in what state the School or division is currently operating. Our codes will be Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red:
  • Green will be school as usual;
  • Yellow will take precautions;
  • Orange will restrict movement and require face coverings more often than Yellow;
  • Red will take our students and faculty to remote learning.
As you would expect, Green is our dream, and we want to avoid Red at all costs. We anticipate beginning the school year with all divisions in Yellow and expect to find ourselves in Yellow or Orange for much of the year. Depending on what is happening in each division, that division may move to Orange before other divisions. We believe that creating this four-tiered approach gives us the greatest opportunity to avoid moving to a Red status.
Finally, I don’t have any news with regards to the Southwest Preparatory Conference, our Upper Division athletic conference. However, we have an SPC board meeting scheduled for July 15. I am hopeful we can share more news shortly after that meeting. In addition, our Middle Division Catholic Grade School Athletic Association league has not met to confer on how they will do athletics for this coming year. Our hope and expectation is that they will follow the local OSSAA. We will share more as we gain clarity from our associations.
We are in this together, and together, we are Cyclone Strong!


Nathan L. Sheldon
Head of School
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