Primary Division Playground

Beginning with a Casady student’s earliest years and through graduation day, it is the School’s mission to nurture our children and encourage their intellectual growth and spiritual development as they mature to become successful and happy adults.
As Casady School develops educational programs, builds structures, or redevelops learning areas, it is important to remember that as we do, there is always intentionality and careful consideration behind our planning so that our students are provided with the best learning environment possible. With this in mind, Casady School announced in 2016 that the School had received a generous gift from MidFirst Bank to build a new playground that meets the developmental needs of our youngest children in a safe and nurturing environment. This new play space was carefully considered and intentionally designed for the best in sensory development, for our pre-k, kindergarten, and early Lower Division students.

In the planning process, Jane Sharp, Primary Division Director, and Nathan L. Sheldon, Head of School, visited a number of schools with similar equipment to do on-site research and to observe children at play. They carefully considered a number of options and developed a plan with equipment that we believe makes Casady School’s playground mission-driven and student-centric.

This playground includes various apparatuses, each designed for a specific purpose. For Casady's youngest, there is a tricycle path around a covered playground area with slides, balancing beams, small climbing wall, and lots more. For the older children, the playground equipment is developmentally appropriate with plenty of swings, a tire swing, multiple climbing apparatuses, as well as a small stage for the children to creatively create, direct, and act for each other. Casady values the arts, and the playground has multiple musical instruments woven in and out of the grove of trees creating a beautiful environment for the children to play music. A canopy covers the youngest playground areas, while the trees provide afternoon shade for the other playground areas.

Finally, Casady School recognizes that active running around is an important part of a child’s development, and so the playground has large open green spaces for children to run and engage in “free play.” New landscaping, mature vegetation, lighting, and a wrought iron fence that was added along the sidewalk, giving this new play space a park-like feel and further enhancing the safety of our youngest children.
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