Upper Division
Athletic teams are open to students in all Upper Division grades. A variety of sports offer varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen teams for both boys and girls. Every student involved in competitive athletics will have an opportunity to participate on an athletic team.
Casady is a member of the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC). There are 16 member schools from Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and Houston. Casady Varsity teams play member schools during the regular season and at the end of the season when conference championships are determined, with additional non-conference play in Oklahoma.
Casady athletic seasons coincide with the academic terms, and students are encouraged to participate in two or three sports during the year. Casady School believes the athletics experience iprompts the growth and self-discovery of our students. The positive values associated with being part of a team, and representing our School is an important part of the Casady experience.

Student Athletic Trainer and Student Videographer options are available all three seasons. Morning strength conditioning is also available and may satisfy part of a co-curricular requirement.

College Athletes by Decade

List of 7 items.

  • 1950's

    NameUniversity or CollegeYear GraduatedSport
    Layton RunklePrinceton1957Football / Baseball
    Bill SwinfordHarvard1958Football
    Roy WilliamsHarvard1958Football
    Ron BonebrakeHarvard1959Football
  • 1960's

    NameUniversity or CollegeYear GraduatedSport
    Doyle TunnellUniversity of Oklahoma1960Baseball
    Steve KlineUniversity of Oklahoma1961Baseball
    Dale MitchellUniversity of Oklahoma1961Baseball
    Lance RentzelUniversity of Oklahoma1961Football
    Tom RuckerHarvard1961Baseball
    Mack TaylorSouthwestern State1961Football
    Randy DealUniversity of Oklahoma1962Baseball
    Rick CloggSimpson College1967Football
    Tim HeadingtonUniversity of Oklahoma1968Tennis
    John ShelleyUniversity of Oklahoma1968Football / Baseball
    Kent HoffmanWilliams College1969Football
    Danny O'TooleNotre Dame1969Football
  • 1970's

    NameUniversity or CollegeYear GraduatedSport
    David HoldenDuke1971Track
    Burch FryerTrinity University1972Baseball
    Blake ArnoldUniversity of Colorado1973Football
    Rex BellSouthern Methodist University1973Soccer
    Ed MaxwellBaker University1973Football
    Debbie O'Toole CoxUniversity of Oklahoma/Arizona State1973Golf
    Jim RobertsonTrinity University1973Football
    Steve ShelleyKansas State University1973Baseball
    Carolyn Nesbitt Gresham-Fiegal1973Fencing
    Wayne BarbourUniversity of Oklahoma1975Wrestling
    Kent GhahremaniUniversity of New Mexico1975Wrestling
    Steve McDonnoldTufts University1976Tennis
    Kelly McCampbell GentryVanderbilt1979Soccer
    Kirk HallVanderbilt1979Soccer
    John MuellerDuke University1979 
    Tony PuckettColorado College1979Soccer
    Kelly Swisher McLainVanderbilt1979Soccer
  • 1980's

    NameUniversity or CollegeYear GraduatedSport
    Bill MeeUniversity of Oklahoma1980Tennis
    Neel LaneColumbia1980Crew / Rugby
    Jeff HalverstadtDenison College1981Soccer
    Jim KellerTrinity University1984Baseball
    David BrownAllegheney College1986Football / Track
    Paul BrownBethany College1986Baseball
    Tim FreemanDePauw University1987Baseball
    Braden HassebroekColorado College1987Football / Baseball
    Marco MorrowOklahoma State University1987Football
    Lance SnyderUniversity of Kansas1987Football
    Bryan GeigerArizona State University1988Tennis
    Chris KellyTexas Christian University1988Golf
    Mike McDonaldUniversity of California-Davis1988Football
    Jeremy VannattaColorado College1989Soccer
  • 1990's

    NameUniversity or CollegeYear GraduatedSport
    Meredith Geiger-WaltonUniversity of Texas1990Tennis
    Steve MurphyDartmouth College1990Baseball
    Trip ZedlitzStanford University1990Swimming
    Jason BradshawOccidental College1991Baseball
    Carla Gasbarra LaneDepauw University1991Field Hockey
    Brad KellyUniversity of Oklahoma1991Golf
    Taylor SorensonUniversity of Wyoming1991Football
    Geren SteinerWashington & Lee1991Football / Baseball
    Randy AlmondPrinceton University1992Volleyball
    Brooks AltshulerBoston College1992Tennis
    Andrea FraleyUniversity of Buffalo/Southern Nazarene1992Basketball
    Paul KloberdanzSouthern Methodist University1992Tennis
    Bridget Mikysa LauroPrinceton University1992Tennis
    Kelly Moon1992Cross Country
    Clay MusserPrinceton University1992Volleyball
    Tyler PomeroyUniversity of the Pacific1992Volleyball
    Leslie SurbeckBryn Mawr1992Field Hockey
    Katherine Walker BuxtonGeorgetown University1992Field Hockey
    Bill BishopWake Forest University1993Golf
    Trent HancockCentenary College1993Golf
    David KloberdanzVanderbilt University1993Tennis
    Ben LisleCarlton College1993Football
    Michael LoveCentenary College1993Golf
    Antonio PaternostroCentenary College1993Soccer
    Steve QuisenberryTulane University1993Football
    Trey HomseyBaylor University1994Golf
    Mike JonesTexas Christian University1994Basketball
    Brad ShelleyCollege of Wooster/Trinity University1994Basketball
    Andy SullivanDenison College1994Baseball
    Lee SullivanUniversity of Virginia1994Swimming
    Betsy Trent McDowellUniversity of Mississippi1994Golf
    Todd BlasdelRhodes College1995Baseball
    Emily Crain NelsonUniversity of South Carolina1995Soccer
    Patrick FinleyRhodes College1995Baseball / Football
    Darren HeuselCentenary College1995Golf
    Benji HomseyTexas Christian University1995Soccer
    Emily PomeroyBucknell University1995Volleyball
    Chad ReynoldsWashington & Lee1995Baseball
    Chad HomseyUniversity of Oklahoma1996Golf
    Chris StakemWashington & Lee1996Baseball
    Christine AnthonyYale University1997Field Hockey
    Josh EverettKenyon College1997Swimming
    Drew HoffmanPenn State University1997Soccer
    Nicole Van DelftSouthern Nazarene University1997Basketball
    Brad WilliamsUniversity of Dallas1997Baseball
    James DavisPan American University1998Basketball
    Cara DuckworthDePauw University1998Field Hockey
    Drew MildrenCentre College1998Football
    Patrick QuillianSusquehanna University1998Soccer / Baseball
    Tim StakemRhodes College1998Baseball
    Suzanne AnthonyYale University1999Field Hockey
    Matt DenmarkBall State University1999Volleyball
    Burke Duncan BeckWashington & Lee1999Track / Cross Country
    Leslie KearnsSt. Louis University1999Field Hockey
    Jimmy ShawPresbyterian College1999Golf
    Chandler SimsUnited States Naval Academy1999Track
    Rosie WalkerUniversity of Virginia1999Field Hockey
    Meg Weir PayneUniversity of Iowa1999Field Hockey
    Cenna WilkersonPenn State University1999Field Hockey
  • 2000's

    NameUniversity or CollegeYear GraduatedSport
    Emily Huffman KellyConnecticut College2000Field Hockey
    Erin Ferguson KimUniversity of Southern California2000Track
    Gino PaternostroWestminster College2000Soccer
    Michael MeadeRandolph Macon2000Football
    Sam WigginHarvard University2000Soccer
    Ashleigh Stansberry SchluterSt. Gregory's University2001Volleyball
    Buck CodyUniversity of Texas2001Baseball
    Dee ThompsonHillsdale Bible College2001Basketball
    Katie B. AnthonyDuke University2001Field Hockey
    Leslie ScottUniversity Of Washington2001Softball
    Michael LiggettUniversity of Oklahoma2001Basketball
    Patrick ReevesWake Forest University2001Track
    Stephanie Cole ZitoConnecticut College2001Field Hockey
    Adrien Ferguson KerksickUniversity of Miami2002Swimming
    Bart ShelleyRhodes College2002Football / Baseball
    Bill ParkerOklahoma City University2002Soccer
    Bryce BaumannJohns Hopkins University2002Baseball
    Dan JohnsonOklahoma City University2002Soccer
    Greg StewartWestminster College2002Soccer
    Jay GalleglyLindenwood University2002Volleyball
    Jeanne RankinUniversity of Colorado2002Soccer
    Jessica Trotter ReynoldsCentre College2002Volleyball
    Kolin KnappDenison College2002Football
    Matt BurkholderLindenwood University2002Football
    Quintin BrownLindenwood University2002Football
    Rachel Cody VannattaNorthwestern University2002Field Hockey
    Kevin MatthewsSouthern Nazarene University2003Baseball
    Megan SamisUNC Wilmington/Marshall2003Basketball
    Stephen TaylorUniversity of Oklahoma2003Track / Cross Country
    Ben DavisRegis University2004Soccer
    Daniel MitchellOCU/OU2004Golf
    Drew DawkinsIndiana Wesleyan University2004Baseball
    Kayli MaxwellDavidson College2004Field Hockey
    Natalie SwisherNorth Carolina State2004Diving
    Nathan OverbeyWheaton College2004Football
    Turner RooneyDuke University2004Wrestling
    Evan RevilleTrinity University2005Football
    Johnnie CockrellTrinity University2005Football
    Thomas LaneCreighton University2005Basketball
    Travis MasonRice University2005Football
    Alex SwisherTexas Christian University2006Swimming
    Alexa CookLoyola Marymount University2006Swimming
    Martin BuchannanPrincipia College2006Basketball / Football
    Briana HurleyOklahoma City University2007Crew
    Chris JefferyJohns Hopkins University2007Soccer
    Chris TaylorUniversity of Tulsa2007Soccer
    Courtney MartinRhodes College2007Cross Country
    Leigh McCoyHarvard University2007Field Hockey
    Matt PierceCollege of Wooster2007Baseball
    Myka MaxwellDePauw University2007Field Hockey
    Sim K. SimsUniversity Of Pennsylvania2007Football
    Clark CollierTexas Christian University2008Golf
    Julia ClapperRhodes College2008Soccer
    Taylor MillsRhodes College2008Field Hockey
    Ann McCampbellWashington & Lee2009Swimming
    David DriskillUniversity of Oklahoma2009Football
    Erik LeeUniversity of Oklahoma2009Football
    Kenna CornelsonWestminster College2009Basketball / Softball
    Marie MasonRhodes College2009Field Hockey
    Nick BonfiglioOklahoma City University2009Cross Country
  • 2010's

    NameUniversity or CollegeYear GraduatedSport
    Austin KatiganDartmouth College2010Football
    Taylor HelmsDePauw University2010Field Hockey
    Andrew O'BannonCentre College2011Football
    Bobbe ChaffinSewanee: The University of the South2011Soccer
    Connor MorrisonVanderbilt University2011Football
    Dale JordanNortheastern University2011Crew
    Max BlumenthalUniversity of California-Berkeley2011Crew
    Preston SullivanRhodes College2011Basketball
    Shanna SchueleinAuburn University2011Swimming / Diving
    Tiatjah JohnsonHendrix College2011Track / Field
    Allison DentonRoanoke College2012Field Hockey
    Graham BennettUniversity of San Diego2012Football
    Shelby CornelsonWestminster College2012Softball
    Donald FlemingMissouri Baptist University2013Volleyball
    Blake GunnPomona College2014Football
    Courtlyn ElkinsUniversity of Tampa2014Softball
    Drew CookEmporia State University2014Football
    Emily FaulknerHarding University2014Tennis
    Mack JensenOklahoma Baptist2014Football
    Anoop D'SouzaOccidental College2015Tennis
    Camilo HallerWashington University2015Soccer
    Camren ProbyEmporia State University2015Football
    Colin MorrisColorado School of Mines2015Football
    Denver JohnsonIowa State University2015Football
    Elizabeth FreemanOklahoma Christian2015Golf
    Ellen PayneUNC-Chapel Hill2015Field Hockey
    Gary WoodsEmporia State University2015Football
    John GeorgeSanta Barbara City College2015Volleyball
    Josh Wariboko-AlaliUCLA2015Football
    Logan AgnelloMissouri Baptist2015Volleyball
    T'Quan WallaceEmporia State University2015Football
    Timothy GiddingsEmporia State University2015Football
    Camille JacksonTufts University2016Field Hockey
    Grace HuffRider University2016Field Hockey
    Mackenzie BlalockEmerson College2016Softball
    Max Wariboko-AlaliEmporia State University2016Football
    Rob NayfaOccidental College2016Football
    Alden O'ConnorLake Forest College2017Soccer
    Cathy ZesigerDePauw University2017Field Hockey
    Dalton BishopUniversity of Oklahoma2017Football
    Holden CookEastern Michigan University2017Baseball
    Isaiah LevingstonUniversity of Oklahoma2017Track / Field
    Jaylan WilliamsNew Mexico Military Institute / UCO2017Basketball
    Omar BooneNorthen Oklahoma College2017Basketball
    William WalterTexas Wesleyan University2017Football
    Beikl LiuUniversity of California San Diego2018Volleyball
    Brady RodtsMarietta College2018Crew
    Colton NelsonSt. Michael's2018Soccer
    Ethan NelsonBentley University2018Soccer
    Isabella HoppenjansCoe College2018Tennis
    Jillian KimDePauw University2018Field Hockey
    John RenfrowTexas Wesleyan University2018Football
    Nika GorskiSewanee: The University of the South2018Soccer
    Noah HoppenjansVassar College2018Volleyball
    Savannah TaylorAssumption College2018Crew
    Jack BarrettSouthwestern University2019Lacrosse
    Ruby BerrymanWashington University in St. Louis2019Track / Field
    Christian CampbellClaremont McKenna2019Track / Field
    Grant JohnsonLindenwood University2019Volleyball
    Juliet MonchoDartmouth College2019Soccer
    Hallie ReigerAllegheny College2019Field Hockey
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Casady School welcomes a student body that reflects the diversity of the world around us and therefore does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, nationality, or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletics, and other school-administered programs generally accorded or made available to students at the School.
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