Interdisciplinary Studies Program

“The future of learning is interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary. In this spirit, we at  Boston University, have completely reimagined our general education in the development of the BU Hub. Casady’s new Interdisciplinary Studies Program will continue to prepare students to not only be competitive for admission at very selective universities like BU, but more importantly, prepare students to be active contributors within the university community and beyond.”

John McEachern - Boston University, Director of Admissions

What is meant by Interdisciplinary Studies?

Interdisciplinary Studies literally means studies that involve more than one discipline, like English and History. Casady School's Interdisciplinary Studies program is an integrative, inquiry-based learning experience encouraging intrinsically-motivated thinkers.

A systematic effort to integrate multiple perspectives into a more complete framework of analysis, thus accomplishing a new understanding that could not have been created by drawing from a single discipline.

Rather than having a teacher telling information to students, we will have students and teachers asking each other relevant questions about complex issues and collaborating with each other to locate varied sources of knowledge, information, and perspectives on those issues.

A focus on the students rather than the teacher will help students to honor, to learn, to engage, to innovate, to serve, and to thrive.

Distinctive Features

In Fall 2021, all members of the Class of 2023 will participate in the inaugural Interdisciplinary Studies Program. The five distinctives of this new signature program include:

Team-Taught Courses: The new eleventh grade Interdisciplinary Studies course will be team-taught by both an English and History teacher.

Dual Credit: Eleventh grade students will receive both an English and History graduation credit on their transcript.

Inquiry-Based Learning: Eleventh grade students will explore in-depth topics related to “history and culture now” in a local context through project-and-problem-based learning.

Public Presentations: Eleventh grade students will complete collaborative projects that include community engagement and public presentations of their work.

Capstone Projects:
Qualified, self-selecting twelfth grade students will have the opportunity to apply for an independent project that will include working with a faculty member and/or an industry-based mentor.
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