Interdisciplinary Studies Program


What College Experts, Educational Organizations, Local Dignitaries, and Casady Alumni Are Saying.

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  • Dr. Richard B. Hays - Duke University, The Divinity School | George Washington Ivey Professor Emeritus of New Testament | Casady Class of 1966

    "Casady's new Interdisciplinary Studies program will seek to integrate study of the humanities with civic service. Historically speaking, that should not be surprising at all, but in our current environment, it sounds like a novel idea! I look forward to hearing more about this program's development towards producing graduates who are historically informed, intellectually reflective, and compassionately engaged civic servants.”
  • Karen Chen - OSU Assistant Vice President, Enrollment

    “Casady’s Interdisciplinary Studies Program will provide students an opportunity to think across boundaries. The curriculum and capstone are designed to broaden the student’s scope and enhance engagement, innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration as well as balance ambiguity. Students will better serve their communities and position themselves for success in an evolving world. We need ethical, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking students to make our communities even stronger. I commend Casady for designing a program that will prepare students to be future citizen-minded leaders.”
  • Heath Einstein - TCU, Dean of Admission

    “Casady’s Interdisciplinary Studies Program will enable students to dynamically link the connective tissues of seemingly disparate fields. It will create learners that university faculty crave. Moreover, it breathes life into their education and develops enduring critical thinking skills.”
  • John McEachern - Boston University, Director of Admissions

    “The future of learning is interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary. It will be as much about educating the heart to develop empathy as it will be educating the mind to develop critical thinking. In this spirit, we at Boston University, have completely reimagined our general education in the development of the BU Hub. We recognize the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to education in preparing our students to thrive and lead in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. I am pleased that The Casady School shares this common,forward-thinking goal to educate the heart and mind. Casady’s new Interdisciplinary Studies Program will continue to prepare students to not only be competitive for admission at very selective universities like BU, but more importantly, prepare students to be active contributors within the university community and beyond.”
  • Dr. Matt Proto - Colby College, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid | former Director of UNC-Chapel Hill Morehead-Cain Scholarship Program

    “I applaud Casady for their commitment to a more integrated curriculum. By expanding learning beyond the classroom into their local, state, national, and global communities Casady will continue to build upon their tradition of developing intellectual risk takers, creative problem solvers, collaborative leaders, and engaged citizens. In many ways, these are the types of actively engaged students we want to attract to Colby College."
  • Andrew Linneham - Northwestern University, Associate Director of Admission

    “I give a vote of confidence in Casady as it navigates this new Interdisciplinary Studies program. Casady is (and has always been) helpful in the college counseling process. Casady’s instincts in fostering a college preparatory environment always position its students to be competitive in the highly selective college admissions process, and this innovative new interdisciplinary program will be no different.”
  • Julie Wilson - Founder, Institute for the Future of Learning I President, Academic Leadership Group | Author of The Human Side of Changing Education

    "Casady’s signature interdisciplinary studies program promises to issue a ‘call to adventure’ to every Casady student. More than ever, we need graduates who can embrace the uncertainty, complexity and ‘wicked problems’ of our time. This program provides preparation for life, not just college. It will engage the head, heart, hands and soul of every student - all in service of public purpose with measurable impact on the community. I applaud this bold program and look forward to its impact!"
  • Dr. William Frick - OU, Rainbolt Family Endowed Presidential Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

    “Interdisciplinary is the hallmark of advanced intellectual thought and activity. To integrate information and synthetically combine ideas in the generation of new insights and knowledge that can transcend traditional school disciplines signals the highest reaches of scholarly and scientific thinking. These are the very mental dispositions called upon by the most rigorous higher education programming both within the US and globally. I applaud Casady for this new signature program.”
  • Dr. Bryan Smyth - Director of Research, Independent School Management

    “William Arthur Ward once said, ‘Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.’ As a parent, I want my children ‘on fire’ about learning, and nurturing ‘curiosity’ perhaps the best route to doing so. ISM has long believed that well-designed interdisciplinary courses, the kind offered through Casady’s Interdisciplinary Studies Program, leverage curiosity and stimulate learning because they tend to be more engaging, authentic, and relevant. What Casady is smartly doing with this program is creating a program that will pique students’ curiosity and intrinsic desire to learn that aligns with its mission and strategic academic plan to develop skills and knowledge for success.”
  • David Holt - Mayor, Oklahoma City

    “I commend Casady School and this academic vision as I am always supportive of any education programming intended to create future leaders for our city.”
  • Steve Mason - President, Bluebird Consulting | Casady Class of 1978

    "I am proud of Casady for developing this new program. This is where education is going at every level and needs to go!”
  • Mike Sexton - Santa Clara University, VP for Enrollment Management

    “Interdisciplinary study is the norm for the future of education. I think both of our schools are looking for the same thing when we say students will have the ability to engage in cross-disciplinary studies early in their education—increasing their enthusiasm, confidence, and ability to chart a direction for themselves with an awareness of the broader context surrounding their learning."
  • Dr. Beth Gill - Austin College, VP for Academic Affairs | Dean of Faculty Academic Affairs

    “Casady’s decision to add the course “American Idea(l): Paradigm and Paradox”, is a forward-thinking response designed to ensure that Casady graduates are prepared for the complex and nuanced world that they will navigate in their collegiate studies and the professional world. Employers from all fields are consistently seeking graduates who can read, analyze, think critically and then articulate their understanding of material in small and large group presentations, as well as formal papers, the foundation of the new course. This course builds upon the already strong Casady educational foundation designed to create opportunities that transform individuals to discover their purpose in life while equipping them with the values and intellectual and practical skills to succeed in the 21st century.”
  • Christine Bowman - Southwestern University, Dean of Admission

    “The interdisciplinary nature of the course allows students to see the world from all angles, something that we strive for in the college experience. The course is interactive and incorporates active learning--taking the knowledge into the community to either see it in action or to make change allows students to see that education has meaning beyond four walls.”
  • Lt. Wayland Cubit - Oklahoma City Police Lieutenant | Founder of Master Mentor

    "Casady's new interdisciplinary program casts a vision that schools desperately need - a vision for creating innovative curriculum with a public purpose that empowers students to engage in real world issues and problem solving. Casady has always been a School with a reputation for outstanding academic pedigree in Oklahoma, and so it only makes sense then that Casady would aspire to take the lead through this program to fulfill its mission by developing skills and knowledge in their students and future graduates that prepare them to lead with a public purpose in cities like Oklahoma City."
  • Claire Goldsmith - Stanford’s Malone School Online Network, Executive Director

    Deep learning happens through student-generated inquiry, discussion, and collaborative problem solving. Casady’s Interdisciplinary Studies program allows students to learn in these ways, letting minds run wild, beyond the bounds of traditional subject areas. After all, student’s passions often don’t fit squarely within one discipline. As we have seen with our MSON courses, when students are given a broad field in which to play, they often go deeper, investigating a topic of interest from different and new angles, and forging new paths of inquiry rather than following those set out by others. Casady students are lucky to encounter this kind of learning at the high school level.”
  • Graham Bennett - Casady Class of 2012

    “My academic journey began in 1998 at Casady School. My purpose wasn’t discovered until 15 years later; after I took an Ethnic Studies course in college at the University of San Diego and had the opportunity to explore social justice issues in our country. Had this interdisciplinary course been offered to me in high school, there’s no telling what would have lied ahead.

    "As an alumnus, I am extremely proud that our School is offering this course. It is true that you can turn off your mind, but you can’t turn off your heart. I believe the interdisciplinary studies program will act as a defibrillator for those students who are currently uninspired and act as rich omegas for those yearning for a challenge. Students will feed their hearts and in turn, inspire one’s mind to find greater good, to be relentless and to form a new standard for Casady School. This program will allow the students to set a new bar for themselves, their peers, family, and community. Casady is living up to their creed and motto by creating this course.”
  • Caitlin Clements - Casady’s Young Alumni Achievement Recipient | Class of 2007

    “I am excited and inspired by the Interdisciplinary Studies Program being envisioned for the Casady Upper Division. It’s the perfect example of what it truly means to be a college preparatory school today. So much of what is laid out in the plan reminds me of the very best of what my higher education experience had to offer post-Casady, both as an undergraduate (College of William & Mary) and within my Masters program (New York University – Tisch School of the Arts).

    "Fostering opportunities for rich, meaningful dialogue among peers is the ideal way to raise and educate successful future college students – and more importantly, thoughtful, empathetic, and motivated citizens.

    The focus on the ‘city as classroom’ is a particularly thrilling one, as I know that was an element that led my experiences in higher education to be all the more rewarding, making the most of the unique locales in which my universities were situated (Williamsburg, VA and New York, NY). Oklahoma City – its institutions and its residents – offer both a rich history and an innovative eye towards the future which Casady students can undoubtedly glean so much from.

    I applaud Casady on this innovative new program, and cannot wait to see it launch and thrive.”
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