Welcome Center Construction Update

We have our roundabout scheduled to be open on Monday, Aug. 20!
In order to finish our Welcome Center and other project elements, we have created a detour of our campus exit lanes. Please note in the diagram, that our Pennsylvania Avenue temporary entrance will now be used for campus EXIT ONLY while our roundabout is open. Britton Road entrance will be open during carpool.

What is a Roundabout?
A roundabout is a type of circular intersection to keep traffic moving almost continuously in one direction around a central island. Roundabouts have been shown to increase vehicle circulation, reduce congestion, and provide a safer environment than stop sign or signal controlled intersections. A few simple rules are reminded to have a good experience:

  • Reduce speed, look to your left, and yield to vehicles already in the roundabout.
  • Please note that all vehicles in the roundabout should be traveling in the same, counter clockwise direction.
  • Continue around the roundabout until you get to your exit; if you cannot safely exit, then, continue until you come to your exit again.
Click this link for a video of driving in a roundabout: Roundabout Navigation

Keeping our Students Safe
As a part of Casady School's enhanced Visitor Management system, we are instituting car decal and RFID ("Pike Pass") identification programs.
Vehicles displaying the car decal will be allowed to freely come on campus. Those without a decal will be asked to check in with our Security Officer at the Welcome Center. Registered PikePass vehicles will be allowed to use the Chapel entrance, which will be closed during the day. Please note that during the School day, we do ask all parents and visitors to sign in at the Division Office to receive a visitor badge.

Please register your vehicle if you would like the convenience of coming on campus freely or to use your PikePass to enter the Chapel parking lot. Registration can be done electronically on MyCasady, or if you need assistance, please contact your Division Office or Operations Database Manager, Aimee Stafford, at 749-3138 or stafforda@casady.org.

Car decals can be picked up on Registration Day and at your Division Office.

Students, Please Note: You may register your vehicle on your MyCasady profile. If a parent has already registered your car, the information will be autofilled, and you will only need to click "submit." Look for the "Forms to Review" pop up at the top of your screen after logging into MyCasady. Car decals will be distributed at Registration, and you will need to put it on the lower left inside of your windshield.

Do You Have Questions?
We have answers! Please visit our FAQ page: MyCasady > Resource Board > Grand Welcome
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