The House System in Middle Division

Tradition is a very important component to the life of a school like Casady.
Whether it’s cheering for our Cyclones in a big game against another SPC team or singing the Casady Hymn during Friday Chapel we all have traditions that we hold close to our hearts, that define us as people, as a School, and as a community.

For many years, independent schools like Casady have come together in a spirit of good-natured competition and play through intramural “Houses” comprised of students from all grade levels. These Houses compete against one another for recognition, participation points, and special privileges.

In Casady's Middle Division, there are four "Houses" within the House System to bring all students and faculty together in a way devoted to fun and competition in unpredictable and, often outrageous, ways. Each House has faculty assigned to look after the House members, to encourage healthy competition and sportsmanship, and to rally support and participation in House activities.

One of the most exciting events at the start of the school year for Middle Division is sorting the fifth graders, new students, and new faculty into their Houses. Each House has two Prefects, a boy and girl from eighth grade, who participate in the planning and running of House events. This year's Prefects were handed the proverbial keys to the division, and then each House's Prefects announced their new House members to the cheers and welcome from the rest of the House members.

Steeped in the traditions of the School, the four Houses are named after the first four headmasters to lead Casady: Michael Martin, Shaun Kelly, Howard Taber, and Robert Woolsey. There will be more events throughout the year so watch the School's social media channels to see updates and other exciting activities the fifth through eighth graders do within the House system.
Casady School is an independent, co-educational, college preparatory, Episcopal day school serving students in pre-k-12. Educating Mind, Body, and Spirit.