It is with great enthusiasm that I invite you to spend time on our website getting to know Casady School. At Casady, where we guide and nurture children, pre-K through 12th grade, you will see an environment where students are challenged to be independent thinkers, to explore new ideas, to take risks with courage and enthusiasm, to serve their communities with passion and commitment and to lead others with confidence and integrity. And, you will see how our remarkable faculty and staff make this happen each and every day.

Our broad academic program provides exceptional opportunities in every discipline, including math, science, technology and the liberal arts. When Casady students graduate, they leave us well-prepared not only to succeed in college but to excel in life. Many recent alumni return to campus, gratefully reporting that, thanks to their Casady education, they help students from other schools adjust to the stress and academic rigors of college.

Casady’s athletic coaches, physical education staff and fine arts faculty challenge our students by providing an environment in which the children are encouraged to be independent in their exploration of sports as well as the visual and performing arts. The students learn to tackle these new fields with confidence while all students are welcome additions to our teams; and likewise, athletes are encouraged to take risks in other areas. The coaches and fine arts faculty serve as mentors when they guide the students to step outside their bounds.

Our rich Chapel program, though Ecumenical, instills strong moral values in the Judeo Christian tradition, which serve as the foundation for strong character development of the individuals our students will become. 

Casady’s future is promising. Our campus master plan is thoughtful, practical and exciting. Our new Upper Division Science and Arts Facility is now complete, and our Primary/Lower Division Activity Building safe room demonstrates just how seriously we take our students’ safety.

The School’s endowment has grown significantly since 2003, from $12 million to $35 million, and recognizing that financial strength is one key to continued success. Casady’s Board of Trustees is committed to further growing the endowment.

As the Head of School, I am both humbled and honored to lead our School community, and I cannot adequately describe the privilege of working with our exceptional faculty and staff. Wherever I look, I see evidence of the great work they do. We are committed to providing the best in education. You will find excellence in our programs and creativity in our enrichment activities from pre-K through Upper Division. 

I invite you to visit Casady, to see for yourself what a special place we are. And, I look forward to personally welcoming you and your family to campus.

Nathan L. Sheldon
Head of School
Casady School is an independent, co-educational, college preparatory, Episcopal day school serving students in pre-k-12. Educating Mind, Body, and Spirit.