Fr. Youmans Releases First Book "Blessed to Bless"

At Casady School, one of our most valuable assets is our talented and gifted faculty members who live the mission of our School every day. We like to celebrate and share with you the accomplishments they achieve.
Middle Division Biblical Literature Survey instructor and Assistant Vicar, Fr. Tim Sean Youmans, has authored his first book, "Blessed to Bless," for parents to read through the Bible alongside their student. This book, meant to be a resource for any adult who would like a basic introduction to the Bible, can serve as a resource for Casady parents as their students progress through Fr. Youmans' course throughout their Middle Division years. Fr. Youmans provided this description of his book:
"'Blessed to Bless' reads through the Bible and introduces basic themes, genres, and interpretations for readers of all ages who have little or no exposure to the Bible. This book is divided into 100 reading assignments of approximately three Biblical chapters, each with accompanying commentary and insight."
Fr. Youmans' book "follows the curriculum of an Episcopal day school religion class, which is comprised of students from varied religious backgrounds, as well as students with no religious practice.
"The tone of this book is for that wide range of readers, dealing broadly with religious and spiritual themes that encourage the reader to draw their own conclusions all-the-while pointing out traditional Christian interpretations of the stories. Each chapter's commentary ends with questions to facilitate discussion. Some of the questions relate to spirituality and piety, while others relate to literary analysis and understanding the intersection of modern and Biblical cultures.
"'Blessed to Bless' also presents a mnemonic structure that will assist a reader in organizing the multitude of stories within the Bible over the 1500 years of history the Bible covers, as well as give a philosophical framework to the religious and historical development within the arc of the scriptures."
Fr. Youmans' book is available available in the Casady Cupboard where all proceeds are directed to CPO. It is also available at Full Circle Books, which is owned by Casady Alum Jim Tolbert '53, and on
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