Student Spotlight: Stanfield Brothers

Lockers in each of the pods in McClendon Middle Division Building are open spaces where students store their books, backpacks, school supplies, and other important items.
Wire shelving that is specific to lockers and available in stores and on various retail websites has been the common accessory, but one Casady student used his skills and knowledge to develop a solution that would provide sturdy shelving for his books and school supplies.
When Heath Stanfield was in fifth grade and new to lockers and the McClendon Building, he realized the need for a sturdier organization system. He measured and constructed his own wood shelving, which also includes a drawer, for his locker. Now a sophomore, Heath and his brother, eighth grader Jes Stanfield, have established SBRO Building Co. to produce and sell this locker accessory for their fellow Casady classmates.
"I came up with the idea after starting fifth grade and realizing the common metal wire locker mates were not very stable, and it was very hard to organize all of your books," Heath said. "We drew up the design and built it out of mostly maple wood. After a few months I had friends asking me if I would build them one. Last year we approached the Casady Cupboard to see if we could put a sample unit in the store for people to see. We had a sign up sheet and took orders to build the units over the summer and deliver on registration day. We have been selling them for two years."

The first year Heath and Jes sold 29 units at $80 each, with $20 per unit donated back to Casady. This year sales increased to 37 units. To date SBRO Building Co. has sold 66 units over the past two years and given $1,320 back to CPO.
"It's been a great learning experience and a challenge to be business partners with my little brother," Heath said. "Woodworking has always been something we both enjoy, and it's nice that we have been able to turn it into a summer job."

The wood shelving units were designed for the open Middle Division lockers, but they do fit in the Upper Division lockers as well. There is a sign-up sheet in the Casady Cupboard to place orders, and Heath and Jes will fill orders during the school year usually beginning after Thanksgiving Break.
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