Focus on Faculty: Megan Thompson

Each week in this video series, Focus on Faculty Friday, one of Casady's amazing faculty members will be featured so that you may have a glimpse into the classrooms to see your students engaging with their teachers and the learning that is happening.
Watch Megan Thomspon in this week's Focus on Faculty video on the CasadySchoolLife YouTube channel:
Mrs. Thompson is Casady's Lower Division Art teacher and is in her eighth year here. In her own work, she loves to explore and experiment with all sorts of artistic mediums and enjoys working with mixed media, layered drawings, and texture on surfaces like cardboard. She also enjoys repurposing other objects as a canvas. Mrs. Thompson also loves to throw on the potter's wheel and work with clay whenever she has the opportunity.

"I am inspired by 'beautiful oops' type mistakes and when we can find art by chance and in nature," Mrs. Thompson said.
It's no surpise that she looks forward to time outdoors on campus where walking the path around the lake helps energize her for the day and lets her think through ideas. When working with students, Mrs. Thompson strives to get one message across at all times: everyone has the capacity to be an artist.

"I love sharing with kids that there are so many different ways to be an artist and see and think like an artist. And that, just like we all have our own unique thumbprints, we all have a unique way of signing our names and style for creating art, and celebrating that with the kids," Mrs. Thompson said.

To see the work of Lower Division artists and to see some of her own art projects, Mrs. Thompson asks anyone who is interested to follow her on Twitter: @seeingnewshapes. Mrs. Thompson earned her Masters of Fine Arts Education degree from the University of Central Oklahoma.
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