Strategic Academic Plan (PK-12)

Computer Science

Computational Thinking, Ethics, Analysis, Collaboration, Design and Creativity, and Entrepreneurship are among the overarching competencies gained through Computer Science instruction. This set of competencies are critical to the interrelated skills and knowledge necessary for solving complex problems and fully participating in a computational world.

Computer Science at Casady School

Computational thinking undergirds a variety of career-based thinking systems such as engineering, systems, and design.  This Computer Science-oriented competency as well as the unique skills within the discipline of Computer Science are increasingly essential for students' readiness for college, careers, and civic and social engagement. Across the divisions, Casady School is expanding the implementation of a robust and vertically aligned Computer Science program to ensure our mission of preparing students with the "skills and knowledge that serve as the foundation for success."

“We want students to be able to use a variety of technologies in a variety of disciplines.” -Assistant VP of Enrollment Management, University of San Diego

Initiatives by Division

The Casady Table

Casady Liberal Arts Education
All students, regardless of their length of time at Casady, partake from a “table of learning” that includes these disciplines: Math, Foreign Language, Religion, Athletics, Fine Arts, Social Studies, English, and Science, and now Computer Science.

Adding Computer Science to the Casady Table Affirms:

  • Computer Science basic skills and knowledge (literacy) are needed for college and for life.
  • Unique skills and knowledge will be learned within Computer Science such as machine learning, web development, and coding.
  • Overarching Computer Science competencies including computational thinking, problem-solving, logic, and design, are gained through meaningful practice and engagement with course instruction.
  • Areas of overlap exist between Computer Science and other Disciplines such as data analysis [Math], graphic design [Art], and language encoding and decoding [Foreign Language].
  • Computer Science integrates with other Disciplines, helping students understand phenomena, solve problems, and create products.
Room is Made at the Casady Table in a Way that:
  • Reflects its similar value alongside our other academic Disciplines.
  • Incorporates thoughtfully sequenced instruction across Divisions.
  • Reflects a college preparatory level.
    Aligns with our Strategic Academic Pillars.
  • Leads students to embody the Portrait of a Graduate.
  • “Develops excellence, confidence, and integrity in students and prepares them with the skills and knowledge that serve as the foundation for success.”